Sunday, July 01, 2012

Drink Adventure. Press release.

Drink-adventure is a very innovative android application for all weekends.

We are pleased to present you the mobile application that simple as vodka and reliable like AK-47. It’s a favorite game of all scientists from secret Siberian University of Dance and Social Problems. Certainly, it’s the hit of current summer, the best entertainment application for parties - Drink Adventure. Wow!
We used the best mechanics from similar games to make the game. Imagine “spin the bottle”,  “truth or dare” together then multiply two times and you’ll get the Drink Adventure game! To play you need android device and friends (from 1 to 7). The rule is very simple. Don’t forget to throw dice, perform assignments and smile. Good mood is guaranteed! Winner will get memorial and place in Hall of Fame!

Stay tuned! In the future you will get the following features:
  • standalone mode with Andrew Barman;
  • android Toaster;
  • more maps and assignments for all situations.

The game is absolutely free!
You can download the application here.
Share your ideas and assignments for maps using the official game site.

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